Our hotel, the Strand Hotel***, opened its doors in 2002 to visitors seeking relaxation. The hotel offers 24 rooms that are 16-20 square meters in size, as well as a closed parking lot, sauna, solarium, breakfast restaurant, self-service restaurant, and terrace for the comfort of our guests.

The Strand Hotel*** is the perfect choice for those guests who not only desire a comfortable accommodation but also want to enjoy the beneficial effects of the Bogács thermal water, even beyond the opening hours of the bath: our direct access to the bath is available to our guests from 6 am to 10 pm.

Just a few minutes’ walk from our hotel is the Bogács Wine Cellar, which is a haven for wine and music lovers, while the nearby Bükk Mountains and the sights of Síkfőkút, Noszvaj, Eger, Lillafüred, and Szilvásvárad, which can be reached from Bogács in a star-shaped hiking tour, are ideal for hiking enthusiasts.

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We would like to inform you that according to the applicable laws*, from September 1, 2021, every guest using accommodation services in Hungary must have their personal data recorded by the accommodation provider through a document reader upon arrival and stored in the accommodation management software. The data will then be transferred to a storage location, the Closed Guest Information Database (VIZA), as required by law.

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To ensure your safety during your stay, we perform ozone disinfection in our hotel, because your protection is our top priority!


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There are 23 double rooms in the hotel, most of which have balconies. In addition, we have a connecting room with 2+2 beds, which offers comfortable accommodation for families with children or groups of friends.


Our hotel rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as a TV, telephone, refrigerator, and of course, private bathrooms. Free WiFi is available to guests throughout the Strand Hotel premises and in the rooms.

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Guest reviews

“The staff is very friendly and helpful, available 24/7. The rooms are clean, and the food is delicious with a wide selection. We will choose this accommodation again next time!”

“The proximity to the thermal bath, and the availability to use it early morning and late evening, was very pleasant.”

“The staff was very kind, courteous and helpful. The room was comfortable and clean.”

“The staff was polite. The thermal bath was great, and available from early morning until late evening.”

“The staff was warm and guest-oriented, always available for any needs. The accommodation was comfortable, clean, and truly child-friendly.”

About the Bogács Thermal Bath

The Bogács Thermal Bath welcomes guests who seek relaxation and healing throughout the year, both in the winter and summer seasons. The bath offers nine pools for visitors, including six medicinal thermal water pools, two children’s pools, and one swimming pool.

The effects of thermal water

The water of the thermal bath, which rises from a depth of 500 meters at a temperature of 76°C, as a sulfurous carbonic acid water, primarily exerts a beneficial effect on rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. The temperature and sulfur content of the water together have a proven therapeutic effect on the human body. Sulfur is absorbed into the joint cartilage and, when inhaled, dilates the coronary vessels, has a favorable effect on preventing vascular constriction in healthy individuals, and even prevents cholesterol buildup.

Inhalation of hydrogen carbonate steam during bathing has a beneficial effect on all forms of bronchitis. The water is excellent for drinking cures for chronic gastritis, constipation, liver, and bile diseases in their various forms.

It is a mild expectorant, laxative, and antacid. It can be used for a longer period of time, and can be consumed up to 2-3-4 deciliters until evening. It is also suitable for dental and oral care, as it dissolves dental calculus due to its alkaline nature and heals inflammation of the gum. It is also useful for various forms of skin diseases due to its relaxing and dissolving effects on the skin. For example, it is excellent for psoriasis, chronic eczema, and skin changes caused by aging.

Of course, the best effect is on rheumatic and painful joint diseases, as sulfur and warm water cooled to 38°C are recognized to heal stiff and diseased limbs.

Guests of the Strand Hotel can visit the bath free of charge from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm (until the end of the bath-organized night bathing if available) on the day of their departure. This option is available on the departure day for a fee.

Sights to see

At the foot of the Bükk Mountains, it offers an opportunity for relaxation or entertainment for those who desire it, as well as for hiking enthusiasts and many other interesting programs that await arriving guests. The area is famous for its fresh air and the hospitality of the people living here, and as it is rich in sights, it offers numerous opportunities for hiking and exploring, for both those who enjoy active and passive relaxation.